designed for bbq

ideal for sharing

fresh seasonal ingredients

no ordinary sausage

Artisan Sausages , Handmade using Prime cuts of British Pork and Beef

The Beginning

Sosij began its journey in a restaurant on my menu.

My thoughts exactly behind the product were that if chefs spend hours on each and every component of a dish and plate them up to work together as one, then why can't I take those components and deliver them in a different form.

Originally the sausages were served as street food as a range of artisan hot dogs. Unfortunately Covid19 came along and put a stop to that, so i decided to start selling to the public via courier during lockdown.

The Products

I came up with the idea of Sosij around my love for BBQ and smoking foods, tired of the inadequate materials on offer to complete dishes used for events.

I decided to create a sausage which not only cooks great in a kitchen but has capabilities of smoking and taking on even more flavour.

The best way to cook this type of sausage is to give them a long, slow cook at a steady temperature, this ensures all the ingredients cook at the same time, crisping the skin and the meat almost confits inside it cooking in its own juices.

Using the knowledge and experience I have built up with my 15 years running kitchens as a chef, I have been experimenting and creating different flavour combinations from many different walks of life, based on my experiences and cultural interests.

The Welfare

I feel it’s very important to know where your meat is sourced from and how it’s kept.

The pork comes from a farm only 1 hour away from HQ. The pigs live an enriched life as close to natural as possible, it means they aren’t affected by the same problems faced by those that are intensively reared.

And as they grow naturally, enjoying the sunshine on their backs, the meat and fat produced by these Hampshire pigs leads to very high quality, tasty pork.

Sausage Culture

Sausages have lost their identity a little in this country. We sell the same flavours in every supermarket, the butchers make the same packet mixes as every other butcher.

There are no sausages specifically to cater for BBQ, this is where i come in.

BBQ is about sharing and bringing people together, these sausages are designed to do exactly that.