After spending 15 years working as a chef, in a wide range of restaurants and kitchens all around the country and abroad.

I decided to create a sausage which is exciting to eat, throw the rule book out and break boundaries with it!

We live in a day and age where food is so experimental and all we have to offer in the UK is a post wartime recipe loaded full of cheap pork and bread! (unilateral flavour and texture and very uninspiring)

i pride myself on utilising fresh seasonal ingredients which educate the customer at the same time, the story and origins of food is very important to me.

We start by using locally, ethically sourced meats supporting local businesses and the community.

After spending a lot of time in Brazil and enjoying the culture of outside BBQ, cooking over fire and spending time with friends and family I realised that what we have back home was severely lacking in texture, flavour and creativity.

The biggest enjoyment of what I do is being able to be creative and make things that you wouldn't normally see anywhere else, involving cultural trips and experiences, dishes that have inspired me on my way as a chef.

I hope you enjoy my sausages as much as I've enjoyed making them.