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Smoked Rare Breed Pork Hot Dogs

Smoked Rare Breed Pork Hot Dogs

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Hot dogs without the junk!!

We can whole heartedly tell you every part of the pig we used in these (which is more than we can say about the imported stuff).

Smoked with Beech wood.

We have been working on these for a long time, increasing the grind and perfecting the bind!

Very happy to say these will be sticking around for good now!! 

You just need to find yourself a hot dog bun big enough to fit them in!! 

Ingredients: Rare Breed British Pork Shoulder, Mustard Powder (MUSTARD)Garlic, Sea Salt. White Pepper, Black Pepper, Milk Powder (MILK)Smoked Paprika, Water, Dextrose, Cure #1 (Nitrates), Tomato Powder, Natural Hog Casing.

 Allergens: Mustard / Milk

Net Weight: 450g 

Pack of 4 Sausages

Please note: These products are all hand tied and the use of animal casings means that all lengths, and occasionally weights, may vary by + /- 10%. 

(This Product is Sent Frozen)

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