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Made by using an emulsification - which means there isn't any need for stabilisers, just good quality meat, fat and a small amount of liquid. What this also means is that if you cook these too fast, in a pan or in an oven that is too hot they will split out and it wont look pretty. Gentle cooking is required.

Depending on what you fancy i'm sure I have something for everyone! Weekly specials as well as everyones favourites. Each batch of sausages is expertly seasoned, tested and ensured to be nothing like the sausages you can buy from butchers. This also means we are in control of what goes into the sausages, removing as much of the artificial ingredients as possible making sosij nothing but meat and pure flavour.



Products are shipped frozen unless otherwise specified. 

Shipping - most orders will be posted on wednesday via next day courier to arrive on thursday.

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