Old Smokey’s - Cold Smoked Sausages

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Ever wondered what the sausages in Texas taste like? 
If you don’t own a smoker then here’s how you can bring that taste of Texas to your plate. 

Pack of 2 Cooked (Oak Smoked) Sausages 


Cooking Instructions: Simply place sealed bag into boiled then simmering water for around 20 minutes. No need to even light a fire. 
Should you want to reheat this over fire that is fine also.


Please note this is a cooked product. (Cold smoked over oak for around 4 hours)

Ingredients: Pork 94%, Smoked Salt, Cracked Black Pepper, Paprika Powder, Mustard Powder (MUSTARD), Garlic, Spices, Wheat Flour (WHEAT), Preservative - Sodium Sulphate.